Welcome to the Conservancy for Charles County

We are an all-volunteer, community-based membership organization dedicated to land conservation– the preservation of the important resources, open space, and farmland that makes our county ecologically a keystone of Chesapeake Bay restoration.   We protect privately-owned land throughout Charles County by working with landowners in a voluntary program of donated conservation easements.

Through outreach, we seek to inspire community support for local land preservation.

While land transactions are our primary business, we do engage in public policy with regard to balancing the needs of our growth against local cultural and recreational needs for open space, agricultural needs, and the need to preserve the best remaining lands so that we may leave some semblance of natural ecological function for succeeding generations.

Our Mission

The mission of the Conservancy shall be to protect scenic, natural, forest, agricultural, rural, and historic areas of Charles County, Maryland, for the benefit of the general public.



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